All great journeys start with a very banal first step.

Hey friend!

So lovely to see you.

There’s so much I want to share with you, and so much I need to hear from you.

This is the scope of this newsletter, and you’re reading issue #0. I took the liberty of signing you up, hope you’re cool with that.

I’m using kinopio to brainstorm projects that populate my mind while I am still in bed. This newsletter is no exception.

Last night I started playing “Donut County”. It’s a relaxing, fun and cute game to play in the couch as you unwind from a day of toil and action. The music is stellar, and so are the graphics. You’re a racoon with a mobile app that delivers donuts, except it’s just the hole and it swallows the world. All normal.

Ben Esposito most likely played Katamari Damacy, and loved it.

I hope this newsletter inspires you to create, and to write. For me creating always starts with words. On a notebook, on Keep, on Trello or on kinopio. Recently I just start by laying the initial chords on Jazz Keys.

Thanks for reading, talk soon.