Numero uno

First issue of the “Three Things to Know” newsletter. Follow that first footstep with another one. On the beat.

Hey friend!

This is the first real-world edition of my flash newsletter, where I’ll direct your attention to 3 things worth your time.

Last time we talked, I suggested Kinopio (the mind-mapping tool) and Donut County (the video game).

Everything is connected. Kinopio’s founder (Pirijan) dropped me a line and mentioned the game is very close to his heart; his girlfriend is a big fan, and plays it all the time. He is also part of the “Three Things to Know” family now, welcome!

Do you ever email yourself a link whenever you find one worth saving? You don’t need to do that anymore. Just keep it clean and cross-device with

If you have the browser extension installed, just click the Raindrop icon when you’re on a website you want to save for later. On your mobile device just share it with the Raindrop app (no emailing, please).

I’m going back to a lot of inspiration links now that I am rebuilding my personal website. It’s been the same since 2016 (“casa de ferreiro, espeto de pau”). I’m making it dynamic, so for example the opening line on the home page is the excerpt of my latest article.

I’ve been on the look out for a new hosting service for the websites I own and finally settled on Kualo. They designed their infrastructure from scratch with energy efficiency in mind. They also power their machines with energy from renewable sources alone. This new iteration of is blazing fast thanks to them.

I hope this email finds you well, and that you find it useful.

Talk soon,